I've been playing around with my IPython workflow for the past few weeks, and have found one I really like. It uses IPython's startup files, that are launched before the prompt opens up. This way I can load my favourite libraries, functions, etc., into my console. It also allows me to add my own %magic functions

Today, I've opened up my startup scripts in a github repo, StartupFiles. The repo comes with some helper scripts too, to get your started: 

  • ./bin/build_symlink: for linking your startup directory to a local version of the repo. 
  • ./bin/ipython_analysis: for going through your ipython history and looking for simple recommendations to add. (Example below)

Here are some small videos about what you can do with the new startup scripts:





%past, %pate, %psate and others

Just because I am always misspelling these!

%lifelines and %stats


Check out StartupFiles and let me know what you think below!