Who is Cam Davidson-Pilon?

I'm the author of Bayesian Methods for Hackers, a practical book for learning Bayesian methods that has been used by teaching organizations like Harvard. I'm also the author of the Python library lifelines, an implementation of Survival Analysis. My background includes mathematics, statistics, finance and biology.

For the past few years, I've been a team lead of data science at Shopify, implementing experiments, building data-products, and poking at commerce data.

What can I expect to learn at Data Origami?

Interesting and practical techniques. I wouldn't post a video that didn't answer these two questions for me:

  1. Can I gain a new perspective on an idea?
  2. Do I think this will be useful in the future?

Who is the target audience of Data Origami?

Individuals interested in doing things with data. That being said, there is a pre-requisite: screencasts are not an introduction to programming in a certain language: bring your own coding experience. Can't code? There are lots of resources to learn. I suggest Treehouse.

Can I watch an example of a screencast?

Sorting Colours using PCA is a great example of learning a cool application (sorting colours) using an existing technique (PCA).

Do I have to give you my credit card?

All credit card data is stored and kept with Stripe who is a certified Level 1 PCI Service Provider. This is the most stringent level of certification available. We only manage your subscription through the Stripe API.

Will you always use Python?

For the time being, yes. Python is the standard data language. It's also much easier to get Python code into production than R, SPSS or Java.

Refund Policy

Just email us here and we're happy to accommodate you.

How can I contact Data Origami?

Send us an email at!